Professional assignments

Light My Fire Sweden ABLight My Fire

Boardmember/consultant in charge of marketing and advisory functions since 2001.


AGA KonsumentAGA

Part of a group working with testmarketing of several alternative products for carbonating your own drinking water at home.


Cyan Books/Marshall & Cavendish London Cyan Books

Publishing the book The Viking Manifesto globally with his friend and colleague Steve Strid. The book gives an idea how Scandinavia grew up to be a major exporter of quality goods. Special speeches are planed from autumn 2007, when the book is published.

Advisor to Managing Director/President Martin Liu since 2006.

Read more about The Viking Manifesto at the official homepage!



Uppsala Skruv Marknadskommunikation Uppsala Skruv Kommunikation

Board member and special advisor/mentor to Managing Director/President Marcus Segersvärd


Stockholm Chamber of Commerce

In charge of the networking group for product development in wich IQA's TEMPO-analysis is used to evaluate new products and ideas since 2005.


IQA; Upplands Väsby

Board member since 2003



Co-owner, together with artist Yrjö Edelmann och Lennart Preutz. The company developes new artistic packaging solutions based on Edelmanns unique art.

Secret Spirits AB

Since 2006, member of a taskforce currently testmarketing a new Ginseng Vodka



Further assignments under development.

References on request.